Olli Kunnari



Current Club: VaLePa, Finland
Citizenship: Finland
Date of Birth: 2/2/1982
EU: Yes
Basic Info
Available: Yes
Dominant Hand: Right
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 88 kg
National Team: Yes
Spike Reach: 351 cm
Block Reach: 326 cm
2011-2020 VaLePa, Finland
2010-2011 IBB, Turkey
2009-2010 Olympiakos, Greece
2008-2009 AZS Olsztyn, Poland
2006-2008 A.S. Cannes, France
2004-2006 Beauvais, France
2002-2004 Sampo, Finland
2000-2002 VaLePa, Finland
2019 Finnish Champion & Cup Winner
2018 Finnish Champion & Cup Winner
2017 Finnish Champion & Cup Winner
2015 Volleyball Player of the Year in Finland
2014 World Championships 9.place
2014 Finnish Champion
2013 European Championships 8th place
2013 World League 16th
2013-2013 All-Star-Player of the Finnish league
2013 Finnish Cup Winner
2012 Finnish Champion – MVP of the league
2011 World League 10th
2011 European Championships 8th place
2010 Greek Champion, 1/4 final Champions League (Olympiakos)
2009 4th Best Scorer of the Polish league
2009 Poland cup finalist, selected to the league All-Star
2008 French cup winner, All-Star player
2007 European Championship 4th place
2004 Finnish Champion, Best player of the league, All-Star player